Folks need to feel relaxed in the summer while researching on their PC, or when staying out. Their kids are at the campsite wherein the air was still and there were mosquitoes. They have discovered the benefits of USB fan which help lower body temperature and improve area coolness. USB powered fans are practical and convenient because of their smallness and movability. USB fans could be powered through a USB wall outlet, a laptop, or a power bank with the necessary USB cable. They cannot equate the comfort of the more powerful fans in the home and office. And the air from the fan will ward off the mosquitoes at camp. And they are sure to give you some degree of coolness especially while traveling.

Portable personal usb fan have varied designs and price ranges to select from. To avoid confusion, decide which shape and size you prefer according to the financial budget that you have. We have provided you with short reviews of selected best USB desktop fans. Choose the one fan that you believe gives you most comfort while working indoors or travelling somewhere. It is your privilege to not sweat profusely because you own a very nice electric and portable device.

How to choose a Portable Personal USB  Fan 

You have to ask yourself some questions before finally buying your personal cooling fan: 

-Where are you going to use it? 

Will you travel only for a few days? Or is it a lengthy trip with the possible scenario of no place to charge the fan? Or you will arrive somewhere with no access to buy batteries. Or you just want the simple solution to staying cool when studying or working? Whatever situation you expect to be in calls for your own decision. Think ahead with a contingency plan if you expect to travel to a remote area. Make sure your USB fan has a working built in battery and bring appropriate number of batteries. If studying and working are your usual chores, you need a specific kind of fan. You need a silent fan that will not distract you or disturb others. It should also have a velocity which will not give you the headache of papers flying away. It is informative to know that USB personal fans are favorite purchases of students.

-What features do you need?

Internal LED light, magnetic base, and neck string are among the features in portable rechargeable fans. Features will vary with every brand, but there are non-negotiable items your fan should have. Which are:

1) Adjustable Speed Settings 

Your cooling needs will change depending on the weather or the place. You might need just a bit of chill or you are sweating and need maximum fan speed. So it is important to purchase a portable fan with the adjustable speed settings feature. If there is one, buy a fan with several selections for speed settings.

2) Strong Motor

desk fan motor

Even though fans can’t do without their own motor, select the one reviewed with the strongest motor. The motor is the heart of the fan. If it does not operate well, you will be disappointed with its performance. The best motor is likely to be the one that is both strong and energy saving.

3) Alerts User When on Low Power

This is one of the features wherein a lot of the fans don’t have which i convenient. It is very important to be reminded when the battery power is already low. This feature is so convenient because it doesn’t let the user guess when it will conk out. Stay clear of fans without this function. Without this feature, the fan on low battery can’t cool you to your satisfaction.

4) Noise Level 

Although we have always advised for portable fans with strong motors, it doesn’t mean it can be noisy. It should have the nice combination of strong coolness and quiet performance. A very subtle sounding fan in the bedroom is great because you even forget it exists. Quietness that is so nice and pleasant.

5) Fan Movability 

Be cautious about advertisements telling you their fans are portable, but don’t have this feature in reality. So be really sure about the fan’s movability by testing, before purchasing it. Usually, a fan that is portable is lightweight and compact. It is also easy to store away because it uses a very small space. Its light assembly allows its user ease when carrying it around.

6) Fan Durability  

Daily use will wear out an inferior quality fan in a limited time period. If it is made of ABS plastic or metal which are sturdy materials, it should last for a long time. ABS plastic as the material for your portable fan makes it durable without being too heavy.

Other factors to consider before purchase are the color and finish, the aerodynamics of the fan blades. Also the safety certifications, energy source, and the price.

Hot selling Vankool Table Fan 

The solar powered cooler has numerous advantages over the air conditioner and other air cooling systems. There are no disadvantages of the cooler, although it has certain limitations. All these are enumerated in the following sub-paragraphs :

#1. Table fan  

It is early afternoon, and it is searing hot. All you want to do is dive into the coolness of the swimming pool. But what about sweat inducing days but no swimming pool around? So much discomfort to take. All these will not trouble you if you have your own portable rechargeable fan. These little cute devices may be small but keeps you cool and comfortable.
The Vankool table fan has a classic design. It has everything expected in a portable fan and more. Three speed buttons are inbuilt. The front design is sleek because there are no obstructive buttons. Vankool table fan can ventilate one direction or multiple directions. It can cool off several people at one time or you can just focus the airflow on you constantly.

Why Use a vankool Desk Fan 

Table usb fan compact and sit on a desk.
A low price that is within the range of all budgets.
Enough cooling power so that you and your colleagues can comfortably work together in one place.
Easily transportable from the home to the workplace.
The fans have variants of colors, sizes, and styles that blend into your working area.
desk fan

Key Features

  • USB Port: Allows for convenient recharging. You can do it through the power of a laptop, power bank, or cellphone.
  • Brushless motor: Total performance and longevity of fan is remarkable due to the powerful motor.
  • Adjustable speed level: High, medium, and low speeds. This is for customized cooling results.
  • Versatility: Used everywhere. Home, office, travels, campsites.
  • Three choices for color: For easy blending of the fan to your place.

#2. Handheld Fan

It is an innovative device because it supplies the basic human need of cooling down. So small, it could fit into satchels, small handbags, and the ordinary pockets of ordinary trousers. Once the temperature gets too hot, you just pop it out of your pocket and…Instant coolness. It doesn’t cool your whole body immediately, but give it a few minutes. It will then do its job.

Key Features

  • Air flow up to a maximum of 3 meters.
  • Pressure resistant
  • Varied color selections
  • Rechargeable
  • Only USB cable needed for charging to a source
  • 1200 mA battery; Effortless 3 speed settings
  • Manufacture has announcement that battery lasts up to 8 hours on full charge.

#3. Desk Fan

The right desk fan can let you take control of your world, transforming a stuffy and hot office into a climate personalized to your needs.
A handgrip allows this fan to be held in one hand as you go from one place to another. But fold it and you get a desk fan which makes your office cool. It recharges easily via USB cable to a laptop, power bank, or wall outlet to juice up. And three step power levels plus small size to keep it in your pocket. Appreciation is all you have when the hot summer comes visiting.

Key Features

  • DC motor: Saves up to 50 percent more than an AC motor. Use it for several hours with no charging or change of battery.
  • Foldable design: So you can place it in a small bag or your pocket and bring it everywhere.
  • Aerodynamic design: Optimum cooling due to scientific design.
  • Compact size: Minimal space requirement for storage.


Brushless motor technology assures both longevity and powerful performance. It is also energy efficient. User friendly buttons and protected fan blades ensures optimum cooling experience. Never run out of power by recharging immediately after being warned by the low power alert feature. Better still, carry extra batteries with you always so you will never run the risk of feeling uncomfortable. Its smallness gives great convenience to the user because you can carry it around. Other people are sweating around you but out pops out your foldable and portable fan. Instant convenience is on the way.You can create goodwill by sharing the ventilation of the fan with other people near you.

Top tips to choose the right USB fan brand

For any dealer wishing to buy the usb fans in bulk, choosing a manufacturer with the most competitive prices is recommended. Vankool is a superb choice for those in the wholesale business. It is the preferred OEM dealer for Honeywell for the past 12 years.

Vankool who can meet such requirements and will be a good choice when you consider to choose a window swamp coolers,fan , air conditioner manufacture in China.  Here 6 more reasons that why Vankool could be a good choice for you:

– Over 12 years experience in the field of evaporative air coolers

– Vankool OEM supplier for Honeywell for more than 12 years.

– Over 5 new air coolers will be designed for customers by ODM service

– With full range of evaporative air cooler products like portable air coolers (residential and commercial), window air cooler, industrial air cooler, fan, air conditioner.

– ISO 9000 QC standard will be applied for each order

– Short delivery time for sample order (1-2 days) and bulk order (15-25 days)